coworking space in kochi

Who are we

Autonomy. Economy. Community.

That’s our mantra. We believe we can revolutionize the way individuals, teams, and corporates work. Create workspaces that boost their performance, productivity, and growth. Where people can express their personality and personal brand. Keep their autonomy. And yet, collaborate, co-create and ideate with others. Where people can inspire each other. Innovate. We are changing the way coworking space in Kochi operates.

In today’s always-on economy, the need to connect and create a community is greater than it has ever been. Our coworking space brings together remote workers, small business owners, and freelancers in a shared ecosystem.

Our Story

Genesis always makes for interesting stories – whether it’s the story of creation or the birth of nations, ideas, and entities. InnerSpace Coworking’s story is no different. This story begins within the setting of a sumptuous wedding. InnerSpace Coworking is founded by three close friends, who’re passionate about technology, art, architecture, and interiors and have studied business management in the US. They’ve eight decades of international experience in senior roles between them, including as founders of Inner Space Interior Design in Dubai and Black Swan Drycleaners chain in Kerala. As avid entrepreneurs, they knew the business environment was ripe for a revolutionary change. A change that would blend global sensibilities with cultural sensitivities.

And then the wedding happened. Meeting their families’ younger ones gave their ideas roots, shoots, and wings. They realized one of the biggest issues faced by start-ups, young entrepreneurs, and freelancers was finding the right-sized workspaces in the right location at the right price. These young guns had international clients and wanted to set up creative, collaborative, and progressive workspaces. But this was proving to be investment intensive.

The three friends understood this mushrooming need. Their aim was to build a coworking ecosystem that was focused on the customer’s business, grew organically, went above and beyond to fulfill customer expectations, was self-contained, and offered stylish, sophisticated workspaces. They extensively studied the coworking model in Europe and the U.S. They reengineered and remodeled a gem of a property in the heart of Kochi to international style and standards with bespoke furniture and fixtures. They cherry-picked employees who were steeped in customer service and who thoroughly understood the coworking model. They benchmarked how the coworking space in Kochi should operate. And the rest, as they say, is history. Currently, InnerSpace Coworking has over 60000 Sqft under its belt spread across multiple coworking centres in Kochi.
coworking space in kochi
coworking space in kochi

Our Vision & Mission

InnerSpace’s vision is to provide worldclass office space solutions to organizations of all sizes with community development in focus. Better work environment for less. Our mission is the enhance productivity of organizations through elegantly designed, tech enabled office spaces with a vibrant community throughout Kerala.

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